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Is a Career in Massage Therapy Right for You? Find Out!


Massage therapy offers many benefits as a career path: The freedom of working for yourself if you choose, helping others improve their health and well-being, and creating meaningful work that you can enjoy. Massage therapy is one of the fastest growing health care professions today. An education in massage therapy is a valuable investment in yourself and your future.

The best way to start your career in massage is to spend some time researching therapeutic massage schools. Careful inquiry will help you determine which massage therapy school most closely matches your personality, budget, career goals, and timeline for completion. We’re confident you’ll choose our school — but we’re also happy to answer any questions you may have, even if your personal inclinations take you elsewhere.

Once you select East West College as your massage school, follow the steps below to apply.

OPEN HOUSEMonday 6:30 – 8:00pm (once per month)


Join our admissions team for a casual and informative evening to explore a career in massage therapy and to learn more about East West College.

  • Overview of our program, including curriculum, schedules and financial aid options
  • Open forum to get your questions answered
  • Meet students and hear their personal experiences
  • Tour our beautiful campus
  • Enter to win giveaways
  • Enjoy food and refreshments


Saturday, 9 am – 12 pm (once per month)

Help your friends and family unwind and treat them to a massage…by doing it yourself!   Join us at our massage therapist school for a fun, low-key introduction to the basics of massage.  Taught by an East West College instructor, you will learn:

  • Basic Swedish massage techniques
  • Body mechanics – work smarter, not harder
  • How to practice safely
  • Proper draping and use of equipment
  • Communication
  • Boundaries

At the end of the three hour class in a certified school of massage, you will be able to put together a simple treatment. You will work in pairs, so you can sign up with a friend or team up with another participant. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. You must be 18 years old to attend. Pre-registration is required.


Are You Massage Training Ready? Find Out!

Take The East West College “Massage Training Readiness Quiz”

The fun, online quiz takes 3 minutes to complete and you’ll get a personalized report. Identify your strengths and social style plus the training and positions you’re best suited for.


To apply for admission to East West College, you must be at least 18 years of age before the start date of your program and have a G.E.D. or a diploma from an accredited U.S. high school (or its equivalent as determined by the College). You must also physically be able to perform and receive regular massage safely.

Non-Discrimination Policy
East West College welcomes students of any gender, sexual orientation, marital status, race, color, national or ethnic origin, and/or religion.

Transfer of Credit
East West College accepts transfer credits for a course you have completed at another college if it is equivalent in length and content to the corresponding East West College course. To receive transfer credit for a course, you have to pass the appropriate East West College challenge exam(s) and pay a $150 fee.


There are four parts to the application process.
1. Fill out the Application Form. Filling out this form is easy and there are two ways you can do it Online or Through the East West College Catalog. There is an application form in each East West College catalog. You just fill it out and mail it to the college. If you have questions, you can either call (503) 233-6500 or make an appointment with one of our friendly and helpful admissions staff.

2. Fees and Documents. The non-refundable application fee is $25. The Application Form explains the documents you will need to give to the college.

3. Meet with the Admissions Staff. We want you to feel completely comfortable with your choice, so after you have filled out the application form, call us at (503) 233-6500 to set up a friendly, no-pressure, informal meeting with one of our admissions staff to answer questions and show you around the entire campus.

4. Take an Entrance Test. You’ll start by taking a standard entrance test to make sure massage college is right for you. It is not a high pressure exam and the vast majority of applicants do fine! The Admissions staff member will give this to you during your visit.


We will let you know if you are accepted as an East West College student within fourteen days of the decision by the Admissions department. After you are accepted, here’s what you do to enroll in the college:

1. Enrollment Agreement. The Admissions staff will prepare this agreement. It outlines the program you will be taking, what it costs, how you will pay for it, and other terms and conditions of enrollment. You will be responsible for all financial, academic and other policies in effect at the time you sign this agreement.

2. Registration Fee. You will pay a $100 registration fee when you sign the Enrollment Agreement. If you elect to cancel your enrollment within five days of the date of enrollment, and before the commencement of classes, this registration fee is refunded.

3. Complete Any Missing Documentation. The Admissions staff will let you know if there are any missing application materials. You will have to submit these before the first day of classes.

4. Financial Arrangements. Students requiring Financial Aid must meet with the Financial Aid Representative prior to starting school. If you aren’t using Financial Aid, you will need to make payment arrangements with the Student Accounts Representative.

5. Cancellation. If all of the above steps in the enrollment process are not complete within seven days of the start of the term, your enrollment could be canceled.


You can attend East West College either as a “Program” student or a “Non-diploma” student, depending on what works best for you.

Program students agree to complete the 800-hour EWC program within a limited time period and to fulfill all the terms in their Enrollment Agreement.  For this, the college guarantees a tuition rate that is currently $14,800 for the complete program.

Non-diploma students do not enroll in the 800-hour program, but take any classes they wish, according to their own schedule and the prerequisites outlined in the EWC Catalog.  In exchange for this independence, they have to re-enroll each term and pay the tuition rate in force at that time.  A non-diploma student may eventually complete the entire 800-hour program, but will receive transcripts of their coursework, rather than a diploma.  Current tuition for non-diploma students is $20 per clock hour.


Fees and Other Expenses

There is a non-refundable fee of $25 for applying to East West College.  Your application will remain active for six months after you submit it, but you will be responsible for all financial, academic and other policies in effect when you actually start classes.

There is a one-time registration fee of $100 when you sign the Enrollment Agreement.  If you elect to cancel your enrollment within five days of the date of enrollment, and before the commencement of classes, this registration fee is refunded.

The estimated cost of textbooks, supplies and a massage table is approximate $1,200 for the 800-hour Program.  For your convenience, the EWC Campus Store stocks all of these items.  You may also obtain these items elsewhere, used textbooks in the library, and use the EWC Practice room (for a nominal linen fee) instead of purchasing a massage table.

In addition, you are required to receive and pay for a professional massage in six courses throughout the program.  While rates for massage sessions can vary widely, you should plan to spend $300-350 over the course of the program.

Other expenses such as room and board, transportation and loan origination fees will vary depending on your own needs.

Program Catalog

Detailed information about courses, financing and academic policies and procedures is available in the East West College Catalog.

Click here for access to the Catalog.

Gainful Employment Disclosures

The U.S. Department of Education requires colleges to disclose a variety of information for any financial aid eligible program that “prepares students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation.”

This information is provided to assist prospect students in making an informed choice about enrolling at East West College.

Click here for access to the Gainful Employment Disclosures.

Financing Options

East West College is committed to helping students achieve their educational goals.  Students may make full payment of tuition and fees at the time of enrollment, apply for federal financial aid, obtain tuition assistance from agencies, or set up a payment plan.  Our Financial Aid Department counsels students about their financial options, and helps them develop affordable and feasible payment plans.

East West College is eligible to offer federal financial aid to students who qualify, and is approved by the U.S. Department of Education and the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission.  Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 hours of classes per week to receive financial aid assistance.

Applying for federal financial aid can be complicated, but East West has developed a simple, step-by-step way to make it easier.  Just click the links below to get started.

Step #1 - Types of Federal Financial Aid Available

There are two types of federal financial aid available to East West College Students—Grants and Loans. Special benefits for Veterans are discussed at the Veteran’s Affairs Veterans Benefits site.

GRANTS – The Federal Pell Grant Program

Grants are funds given to a student that don’t have to be repaid. In the federal financial aid system, these funds are called the Federal Pell Grant Program. They are available to East West College students. Awards are based upon demonstrated financial need and the cost and length of the program.

LOANS – The Federal Direct Loan Program

Loans are funds given to a student that have to be repaid. In the federal financial aid system, these funds are called the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program. These “Direct” loans are designed to help students and parents pay for the student’s education after high school. At this time the lender is the U.S. Department of Education rather than a bank or other financial institution.

Interest rates on Direct Loans are low and fixed for the life of the loan. Students are not required to make payments while enrolled for at least 12 hours of classes per week. There is a six-month grace period that begins when a student enrolls for fewer than 12 hours of class, withdraws from all classes, or graduates. Only one grace period is granted during a student’s borrowing history.

The Federal Direct Loan Program offers three types of loans: Subsidized Stafford Loans, Unsubsidized Stafford Loans, and PLUS Loans.

Subsidized Stafford loans are for students with demonstrated financial need as determined by federal regulations. No interest is charged while a student is in school at least half-time (12 hours of classes per week minimum), during the grace period, and during deferment periods.

Unsubsidized Stafford loans are not based on financial need. Interest is charged while the student is in school and during the grace period. Students may elect to either pay the interest but not the principal while in school or postpone paying interest while in school and add it to the principal of the loan. The amount cannot exceed the federal annual limit for combined subsidized and unsubsidized loans.

PLUS Loans are unsubsidized loans designed for parents to help pay for their dependent student’s education. The PLUS loan is a credit-based loan that may be borrowed annually. The amount is determined by subtracting the financial aid awarded to the student from the cost of attendance as determined by the school. Interest begins accruing with the first disbursement of funds. Repayment also begins immediately and the first payment is due sixty days after the first disbursement of loan funds. Parents as borrowers may be able to defer payments. This information is available once you have been assigned a servicer.

Step #2: Filling Out the FAFSA

Completing the online Free Federal Student Aid Application, or FAFSA, is quick and easy. The first step is to apply for your Federal Student Aid ID by visiting this site.

Once you have your FSA ID you will need to collect the following information in order to fill out the application completely.

    • Valid Driver’s License
    • Social Security Card
    • W-2 Records or Other Financial Income Documents
    • Federal Tax Returns
    • Parents Tax Returns (Under Age 24)
    • Untaxed Income Records
    • Current Bank Statements
    • Investment Records
    • Alien Registration or Permanent Resident Card (Not US Citizen)

With this information available you can begin the online application at

Step #3: Receive your Financial Aid Award Package

The federal government will send the results of your FAFSA application to the East West College Financial Aid Office. Once you have been accepted into the 800-hour program, the Admissions Office will send your Enrollment Agreement to the Financial Aid Office, which will use all of this information to calculate your Financial Aid Award Package.

Award Counseling. The Financial Aid Office will then set up a meeting with you to discuss your Financial Aid Award Package and answer any questions you may have. There will be four items in your Financial Aid Award Package:

1. Budget Worksheet. This shows the cost of your program, the total aid you have been awarded and the budget that was used to calculate your need. It also shows any amounts that will not be covered by your Financial Aid Award.

2. Financial Aid Award Letter. This will tell you the type and amount of aid you will receive and when you can expect to receive it.

3. A Parent PLUS Worksheet (if relevant). This worksheet is only for the parents of dependent students with PLUS loans. It shows the cost of attending East West College, the amount of the student offer and the remaining balance. This information will allow parents to borrow additional funds to help with living expenses while their student is attending school.

4. A Financial Aid Summary. This document gives a detailed breakdown of the types and amounts of aid being received and when to expect the disbursements to your account.

Master Promissory Note. At the end of this meeting, you will be directed to complete a “Master Promissory Note” and a “Entrance Counseling” document that indicates your legal obligations regarding the award. Both of these required documents can be completed online by visiting

Net Price Calculator

The links below are available to help interested students calculate the cost of their education.

800-hour Massage Therapy Program



Curious about a career in massage? Looking to make an appointment at our massage clinic? Wondering what’s in the East West College Campus Store? Call or click now for quick answers.


Since 1972, East West College has prepared graduates for successful massage careers. We empower students with deep knowledge on the art and science of massage. We enrich the Portland, OR community through our massage clinic and outreach events. And we support current massage therapists with continuing education workshops. Together, East West College alumni, instructors, and students foster health through massage. Call or email today to learn how you can join in our mission to make a difference through the healing powers of massage.

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