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Since 1972, East West College has prepared graduates for successful massage careers. We empower students with deep knowledge on the art and science of massage. We enrich the community through our massage clinic and outreach events. And we support current massage therapists with continuing education workshops. Together, East West College alumni, instructors, and students foster health through massage.

Our Portland, Oregon massage school emphasizes excellence in all aspects of massage. Our COMTA-accredited massage therapy program combines a solid foundation in the understanding of the human body with the ability to create effective, personalized treatments. East West College students explore both Eastern and Western bodywork modalities. Through hands-on sessions in our public Portland massage clinic, our students develop confidence in their ability to bring nurturing, respectful touch to those around them.

At East West College, students gain deep knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and pathology. They learn several massage modalities and have the opportunity to pursue their own personal areas of interest. This technical knowledge is supported by education in ethical practices, effective communication skills, individualized treatment planning, and business strategies to meet the student’s personal goals. Throughout the program students are encouraged, challenged and inspired to integrate their abilities to engage in critical thinking and to follow their intuition. This comprehensive approach prepares students to become successful members of the community of professional massage therapists bringing healing touch to the world.

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Our City, Our Home

Located at the confluence of the Willamette and mighty Columbia Rivers in a valley between the Coast Range and the spectacular Cascade Mountains, Portland strikes a perfect balance between the amenities of city living and accessibility to the pristine natural world that surrounds it. Within a mile of East West College’s Portland campus, students can find cafes and farmer’s markets on Northeast Broadway, art galleries and theaters in the Pearl District, and quiet, family-friendly parks and restaurants in the Irvington neighborhood. Venture just one hour outside of the city and you can be skiing year-round on the slopes of Mt. Hood, windsurfing in the Columbia Gorge, hiking old-growth forests in the region’s numerous state and national parks, or gazing out at the Pacific Ocean. For more information about this wonderful place, check out the following links:


Healthy Environments Matter
East West College is committed to practices that promote sustainability. We believe that finding health and balance in our external world is just as important as finding it internally. From our perspective, the mission to educate and enrich our community includes playing a role in encouraging solutions for a livable future. By making our building sustainable, we have created a culture that gives students the peace of mind that comes with gaining an education in a healthy environment. This means ample recycling throughout the building, using environmentally-friendly products, and re-purposing old material and equipment whenever possible. With natural insulation, reusable air filters, bamboo flooring, and low-flow plumbing fixtures among the many sustainable aspects of the building, we actively pursue energy-saving, low-impact solutions whenever possible. Recently our efforts were recognized by the City of Portland’s Sustainability at Work program, who awarded East West College with the Gold Certification for our many sustainable endeavors.


Equipped for Learning
The East West College facility radiates the school’s commitment to excellence. Beautiful and spacious amenities and classroom settings combine with a pleasant and soothing ambiance to create a learning environment that supports success. Small student-to-teacher ratios allow for a more intimate and hands-on education, while large classrooms with plenty of natural light provide ample learning space. By providing equipment that would be used at a professional level – adjustable massage tables with face cradles and bolsters, massage booths that are fully curtained for privacy, mats for Asian bodywork techniques, and hydrocollator units – students have the tools to gain real world experience in a comfortable and modern facility. We pride ourselves on maintaining a professional and inviting atmosphere for our students and believe that this creates happier and more passionate graduates. Our commitment to maintaining the facility goes beyond well-equipped classrooms. The student lounge, student kitchen, and library spaces all provide relaxed and appealing places for quiet studying, eating, or connecting with classmates. An on-campus practice room gives students the option of completing hands-on homework with fellow students in a comfortable and well-equipped location. Annual Campus Security Report


A True Caring Community
Our Alumni Services Office is here to support our graduates as they transition into a successful professional career.  We can provide help in navigating the licensing process, finding a position as employee, or setting up a private massage practice. We also have ongoing information on job openings and volunteer opportunities. Our Massage Clinic hires recent graduates to provide professional massage to the general public, while receiving the guidance and supervision of a highly experienced LMT.  This can be an ideal situation for alumni who want additional support, or who just aren’t quite ready to leave East West. East West College also offers a wide variety continuing education workshops to support both new practitioners and seasoned professionals in expanding their skills and marketability. Our workshops are taught by experienced local massage therapists as well as nationally recognized educators.  Some of the most recent include Anatomy Trains, Cupping and Gua Sha, Lomi Lomi, Advanced Reflexology, Craniosacral Therapy, and a Pre- and Perinatal Massage Certification Program. Current Continuing Education Course Schedule


Relax and Recharge
As part of its services, East West has a massage therapy clinic available to the public at affordable prices. The beautifully designed clinic features a comfortable waiting room, private curtained massage booths, and flexible hours. The highlight of a student’s program is giving massage to the public in our clinic. Appointments are open to those age 18 and older, and generally last 65 minutes. The appointment includes an intake interview, a massage of 45-50 minutes, and an exit interview.  After the massage, the client is given the opportunity to provide written feedback to the student as part of the learning experience. By Oregon law, students are not allowed to be compensated for massages nor can they receive tips until they are licensed. The fee for the student massage session pays only for its associated costs. In our Alumni Clinic we offer 60- or 90-minute massage sessions. Our licensed massage therapists will make sure you are completely comfortable, even if it’s your first massage. Our therapists have all studied a variety of techniques in the East West College program and many have gone on to earn advanced certifications.  We offer a diverse range of modalities including:

  • Swedish Relaxation
  • Deep Tissue
  • Sports Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Chinese Massage (Tui Na)
  • Japances Massage (Shiatsu)
  • Structural Bodywork
  • Thai Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy

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The Tools You Need
The East West College Campus Store serves as a resource for students, alumni, and Portland massage professionals.  The Campus Store has a great selection of books on the healing arts, including required and recommended textbooks for all courses, as well as massage tables, on-site chairs and accessories, massage oils and lotions, massage tools, aromatherapy products, learning aids and posters. Comfortable chairs and eating tables are the perfect place to relax and recharge while enjoying a selection of food and snack items, including local vegan and gluten-free options. The Campus Store is happy to accommodate special orders and offers a 10% discount on non-food items to all alumni of East West College.

Meet the team

East West College instructors are hired for their professional training and expertise as well as their teaching ability. Bodywork instructors have a minimum of two years education and practice in the subject they teach. Science instructors have a university degree in science or a health-related field or appropriate undergraduate coursework.All East West College instructors continually strive to inspire excellence and provide an environment that encourages student success. Students find the instructors are warm, caring, compassionate, well trained and experienced.East West College is managed by a President and an Oversight Committee. The Oversight Committee is responsible for running and reviewing day-to-day East West operations, as well as strategic and long term planning approved by the President. The Oversight Committee consists of David Slawson, President; Edie Moll, Director of Operations; and Erika Baern, Director of Education.



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Since 1972, East West College has prepared graduates for successful massage careers. We empower students with deep knowledge on the art and science of massage. We enrich the Portland, OR community through our massage clinic and outreach events. And we support current massage therapists with continuing education workshops. Together, East West College alumni, instructors, and students foster health through massage. Call or email today to learn how you can join in our mission to make a difference through the healing powers of massage.

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