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A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Massage Therapy Classes

Most massage therapy schools offer different courses that cover various massage techniques. If you clearly understand your end goal, you can easily choose a proper program that suits your preferred career path.


Medical Class

Many instructors at schools in Portland give students opportunities to take basic massage classes. The coursework covers physiology, anatomy, and general massage methods. These basic courses are very beneficial because nearly all types of massages involve basic treatment techniques.

Business Class

A business class should be considered if you’d like to operate your own massage clinic. This course focuses on finances, advertising, and employee management.

Swedish Massage Class

In the U.S., Swedish massage is the most common treatment method. As a result, thousands of schools in the country offer classes that cover Swedish massage techniques. If you take one of these courses, you’ll learn a variety of kneading methods and circular motions.

Aromatherapy Massage Class

During this type of massage therapy classes, the instructors discuss techniques that lower stress and increase energy levels. Throughout aromatherapy treatment, lavender is commonly used to enhance a patient’s mood.

Hot Stone Massage Class

If you want to give your patients gentle massages that target muscle tension, consider taking a hot stone massage course. Throughout this program, you’ll learn how to use heated stones on specific muscle groups to reduce pain.

Deep Tissue Massage Class

Deep tissue massages focus on connective muscle tissues. Because every motion targets muscle grains, each stroke must be performed gently and slowly. If you’d like to open a clinic that serves people who are recovering from injuries, a deep tissue massage course should be considered.

Shiatsu Class

Shiatsu massage students learn how to apply a specific amount of pressure onto achy muscles and joints. Because it’s an advanced Japanese technique, soreness usually doesn’t occur after the massage session is over.

Thai Massage Class

A Thai massage class and a shiatsu class have somewhat similar coursework. However, the big difference is that Thai massage lessons involve stretches and compression.

Reflexology Massage Class

A reflexology class is worth considering if you want to treat people who spend a lot of time standing throughout the day. During this course, you’ll discover efficient and effective ways to apply pressure to various areas of the foot to reduce pain.

In Portland, there are many reputable massage therapy classes from institutions like East West College hat cover various techniques. If you choose proper courses, you’ll have a profitable career.

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